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Not all methods for carpet cleaning are created equal. In fact, you will encounter several ways of cleaning carpets. As people install simple, budget-friendly to premium-level carpets in their homes, what many people fail to understand is that all carpet fiber isn’t the same, and a specific variety of rugs will demand a specific type of carpet cleaning in perth.

Some methods might harm certain fibers, while they do wonders for other types. So, before jumping straight into cleaning with any product, you should do thorough research or consult a professional company like Carpet Cleaning in Ellenbrook. This way you can find the most effective and safe method to remove dirt and grime from your carpets.

Easy steps to clean carpets:

To make the process smooth, it’s best to understand a few carpet cleaning processes. The following are some practical methods for you:

  • Shampooing – In general, shampooing the carpets is the most effective and old-school method of carpet cleaning. During this process, one must apply formulated detergents directly on the rugs using professional-level cleaners and equipment. Experts use a vacuum to extract the cleanser and make it look impressively clean and dirt-free. So, if your main reason for cleaning the carpet is to make it look nice for social gatherings, then shampooing it will be the best option for you. 
  • Foam Carpet Cleaning – The second most helpful and practical carpet cleaning method is foam cleaning. It generally requires a little shampoo formula applied with a small amount of water, and then a dry-cleaning process. In this process, the cleaning foam will attract dust, grimes, filth and toxic fibers. It works better and more effectively when functioning along with a vacuum. 
  • Bonnet Carpet Cleaning – Professionals usually apply this particular method for commercial carpets due to their size. Although not the most effective method for removing deeper dirt, it keeps your official carpets looking clean and fresh and is applied with the great quality and care of carpet cleaner in Ellenbrook.
  • Steam Carpet Cleaning – Lastly, steam carpet cleaning – is perhaps the most known carpet cleaning technique. This method comes with some drawbacks since it requires lots of water. However, if the carpet cleaning expert applies the steam method correctly, it can produce effective results and extend the life of your carpets. 


We hope you got a clear idea of various methods carpet cleaning Ellenbrook use, as they are all very different. Now you have the information to figure out which one will work best in your own home. If you still need advice on which method is right for you, get in contact with a carpet cleaning Ellenbrook.

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