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Regular vacuuming is certainly a way to keep your carpet free of dust and dirt as much as possible. However, vacuuming produces no effect on tough stains and spills. Even if you make sure that your guests take off their shoes outside and children don’t walk on it with their mud-soiled feet, there is no way to prevent sudden coffee spills or stains on carpets. If you have a pet, the chances of carpet stains are higher. The professionals at carpet cleaning in Perth WA suggest that homeowners should learn how to remove stains on their own. But for the nasty stains, they are always ready to give you a helping hand.

How to Remove Basic Stains

  • Basic stains are not stubborn. They go away if you act immediately. In fact, you can prevent stains by taking quick action. You should act very fast as soon as you notice a blemish. Use a spoon or a fork to remove the spot. Make sure not to use too much pressure as it will damage the carpet fibres. Take a paper towel or damp cotton cloth and gently press into the stains. It might take you some time to remove the stains, but don’t give up!
  • Now use a stain-removal solution to pretreat the area. The carpet cleaning professionals suggest using a good cleaning product. You can find several of them in the supermarket. 
  • Next, rinse the stained spot with cold water. Finally, dab and dry. 

How to Deal with Wine Stains?

We always talk about tea or coffee spills and stains. But what about wine stains? If you have a light coloured carpet, the red wine stains will be clearly visible. Professionals providing carpet cleaning services recommend the following steps to remove the wine stains:

  • Remember how you dealt with the basic stains. Likewise, take a paper towel or damp cloth to blot the spill. Blotting takes away as much wine as possible. 
  • Wash the carpet with cold water to remove the remaining wine. Use a towel or cloth while washing the stained part of your carpet. 
  • Now apply any good quality carpet stain remover: it won’t cost you a hefty sum. First, apply the remover on an old rug and wait for a few minutes. If no colour change happens, you can use the remover on your carpet.
  • Apply the remover to coat the stain. Wait a while and then use a fresh damp cloth or paper towel for blotting. Always use cold water. 
  • If the stains are too sticky to go away, repeat the process. Have patience if it takes multiple rounds. 

How to Clean Pet’s Urine?

Even if you have given your four-legged toilet training, it still may pee on your carpet once in a blue moon. It will cause not only stains but also a bad smell. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Use the same method that you do with other stains. Blotting will help to absorb wetness. 
  • Then, apply a stain remover specially made for pet messes. Never scrub and always blot while working with the detergent. 
  • Repeat the process until stains and smells are completely removed. 

Final Words

Carpet cleaning prices won’t break your banks. You can always give a call to professionals for nasty stains and get your carpet cleaned in the best way possible. 

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